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 Peter Lyons
Peter Lyons is a building physicist based in Canberra, Australia, with extensive experience in a range of fields and employment sectors. He applies this experience to a wide range of unusual and challenging projects, among new and existing clients -- both local and overseas. His expertise has been acquired locally and internationally, and is applied in both individual and team settings across façade engineering and sustainable building design. Dr Lyons specialises in energy performance modelling of all types of fenestration systems and of whole buildings, both residential and commercial. One of his continuing research interests involves the impact of glazings on human comfort in buildings.

Dr Lyons was a visiting researcher from 1998 to 1999 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) at the University of California, where he continues applied research into the energy modelling and rating of windows and skylights. He has published 35 research papers and reports throughout his career.

Peter Lyons & Associates was formed in January 2006 to offer a wide variety of specialised services involving building energy performance.

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